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Canpages Acquires Social Networking Recommendations Platform,

Canpages Inc., Canada’s fastest growing local search firm, announced today the acquisition of GigPark, an online social media platform which allows users to find local businesses and service providers through recommendations from friends as well as make recommendations themselves.
The acquisition will enable Canpages to integrate user recommendations into its online local search platform, Additionally, it will allow Canpages to add a social media layer to its online and mobile products, connecting users with its advertisers through recommendations from friends and others.
“Online recommendations, especially those from a user’s social networks, are increasingly important when choosing which local businesses to buy from,” said Olivier Vincent, President and CEO of Canpages. “With the acquisition of the GigPark, we are thrilled to be the first local search and directories publisher in North America to embrace social recommendations in a relevant way.”
GigPark was founded in 2007 by Pema Hegan and Noah Godfrey. Both Hegan and Godfrey, along with GigPark’s Director of Technology, Paul Dowman, will join the Canpages team in Toronto.
The acquisition will also allow Canpages to incorporate GigPark’s functionality and content into its ImmersiFind platform-the company’s online search and SEO-enabled publishing technology that it licenses to directory companies around the world. There are currently 15 directory publishers globally licensing the platform, which totals more than 1,500 advertising consultants that sell into the ImmersiFind network. In less than one year since ImmersiFind’s launch, Canpages has become the leading licenser of online local search technology in the world.
“Our acquisition of GigPark is another example of Canpages’ commitment to delivering the best local search experience to Canadians and ImmersiFind customers,” said Vincent. “Canpages is already Canada’s fastest growing local search company and with the addition of GigPark, we are one step closer to becoming a global leader in local search online.”
The GigPark acquisition represents another milestone for Canpages, which has grown its online presence at from 300,000 unique visitors per month to 3.5 million and more than tripled its number of employees from 200 to over 700. Additionally, in less than one year Canpages has also expanded its reach from 2 million to over 8 million homes and businesses across the country.
About Canpages Inc. and
Canpages is the largest independent local search and directories publisher in Canada. Its website, features a national residential and business database and more than 3.5 million unique visitors come to visit it every month with their local search requests. With 84 publications and over 85,000 customers, Canpages reaches more than 8 million households and businesses across Canada. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canpages employs 700 people and has offices in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. For more information visit:

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