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Bing Adds Facebook Recommendations

Bing Adds Facebook Recommendations to Search writes Edmund Lee on AdAgeDigital.

“The deal was initially announced in October, but since then Google has upped the ante by adding its own form of social recommendations to search results, including a “plus one” button that allows users to vote up pages in search results.

he updated service, which launches Tuesday, will incorporate data from the largest social network, which has become a key arbiter of content on the web. For example, a user logged into Facebook searching for news on Bing would see links to articles that a friend may have liked. People searching for generic terms, such as “cooking,” might see recipes their Facebook friends have annointed with a “like.” Where a person’s Facebook friends have not sounded off on a particular search term, they would see the most popular links from the collective Facebook community, redefining search altogether.”

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