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SOKULE Social Media Platform, a new social media network, offers small businesses a forum that allows them to save time while marketing their brands using the popularity of social media marketing. Business owners who are committed to utilizing a smart, profitable, and streamlined social media platform are now turning to SOKULE to help them quickly meet their online marketing needs.

SOKULE is a uniquely designed social media platform that operates in a similar fashion to Twitter, but includes additional features that streamline the process of social media marketing for small businesses.

Members of have the opportunity to “squeek” messages of up to 500 characters through, while simultaneously posting the same message to 38 additional social media profiles as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, while also pinging blog sites like WordPress and Blogger with just 1 click.

This multi posting and pinging process ultimately provides better marketing exposure, because the messages will get indexed by search engines much more quickly than if a business owner were to update each site individually.

The primary goal of SOKULE founder Jane Mark and developer Phil Basten was to create a profile for small business owners that worked in the same way as other popular social media platforms.

Part of what can make running an e-commerce website difficult is the task of getting the message seen and heard by others online, especially in the beginning stages.

SOKULE makes this process simple and easy by alerting various blogs and social media sites in a manner that causes search engines to take notice of posts that originate from SOKULE.

This, in turn, offers fast and widespread exposure and faster search engine indexing for those who need traffic to their websites in order to get their businesses up and running.

SOKULE has also pioneered a mobile platform that allows members to post updates and send out messages while they are on the go and away from the office.

However, the main difference between SOKULE and traditional social media sites is that business owners can profit from using SOKULE to promote their own individual brands and products.

Though a base membership at SOKULE is free, another factor that makes SOKULE special is the ability for SOKULE upgraded members to earn commissions each time they refer a new upgraded member to the service.

Developer Phil Basten says that “This is the perfect membership for a business or individual who is really serious about using social networking to dominate their industry.”

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