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New Media Technology News re-launches integrated Apartment rental site in Milan and adds social media is launching the first online rental site in Milan that includes everything from an updated blog, to fan pages. They are currently the first site in Milan that includes all social mediums and micro blogging resources to promote their company, reinventing how rental sites in Milan connect with their consumer. is a short term rental site that gives travelers information and tools to learn about the city of Milan before they choose their apartment, allowing their transition into the city to be easier and more enjoyable. It has just re-launched their site to include hotel searches as well, making a rental site on all accounts.

By integrating social media with property listing, the site becomes less of a business and more of a hands-on interaction. “Finding an apartment is a personal decision and Choove wants to be as transparent to the consumer in order for them to make an educated decision on their move and accommodation,” states the company.

The challenge to understand a city in which you have never been and to know which neighborhood you want to live in is what Choove helps their customers with. The blog to choove ( was launched last week in order for people to see the fun side of Milan and Italy in general. A blog you can enjoy even if you are not traveling to Milan, it aims to give people a sense of the pop culture and news coming out of the fashion capital of the world.

Social media is as important as traditional media, if not more. Choove understands the power of community as well as the importance in connecting with their consumer. It aims to reinvent how people search for apartments and wants to take away the aggravation of looking for an apartment. Moving to a new city has its challenges, but Choove tries to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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