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New Media Technology News to Host China Leaders Forum 2009, October 8th in New York City will host its highly anticipated China Leaders Forum 2009 ( on October 8th, in New York City. This extraordinary gathering of minds will congregate businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and academics, both from China and Western countries, interested in learning more about the business challenges and opportunities China faces and presents for the global business community.
Chinese companies are on the threshold of becoming truly global. A few have already passed the door by moving to acquire resources, talent, intellectual property, and customers beyond China’s borders. In fact, demand for skilled managers will grow more quickly than the supply of qualified candidates. China Leaders Forum 2009 will examine the challenges facing the Chinese companies now expanding abroad and how to overcome the obstacles there, as well as the threats and opportunities posed to multinationals by the present wave of Chinese globalization.
China Leaders Forum 2009 is produced by, the premier networking community for businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and diplomats, founded by Columbia Business School MBA and former McKinsey consultant Edgar Perez. For more information about, please visit, follow on Twitter @GoldenNetworkin, join Facebook group or send an email to [email protected].

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