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Social Networking and Mobile Collaboration on Your Google Android T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 3G Phones With Glide Engage

Glide Engage launches perhaps the most significant new social networking and mobile collaboration application of 2009 for the Google Android T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 Phones. Glide Engage is available for download on your Google Android T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 Phones today at and from your desktop at and
Glide Engage is a rights-based social networking and macro or micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read messages that carry Breaking News, documents, images and other files and share their thoughts. Glide Engage is fully integrated with Glide’s productivity and collaboration application suite as well as with Glide’s synchronized, cross platform compatible file storage solution. Glide Engage provides users with 10GBs of free storage.

Users can now create text-based posts on their Google Android T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 Phones of up to 1,400 characters. Users can also engage in private or public discussions that are stored in the Glide Engage Inbox and Outbox for interaction that is more dynamic and immediate than email. Discussions can be archived as Glide Write, Microsoft Word 2007 or earlier, PDF or RTF documents. Glide Engage integrates customizable News Alerts so that users can easily track Developing News Stories and share them in posts with one click.

“We decided to launch Glide Engage on the Google Android T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 Phones first because we like the openness of the Google Android OS platform and the T-Mobile MyTouch and G1 Phones are excellent for web browsing,” said TransMedia Chairman & CEO, Donald Leka. “These factors in addition to uncertainty regarding Apple approval for potentially competitive applications with Apple’s current offerings and future plans lead to our decision to establish a foothold for Glide Engage in the mobile market before submitting an iPhone version for approval to Apple,” said Mr. Leka. “The Google Android T-Mobile G1 Phone has already sold well over one million units and according to studies has around the same web browsing market share as the iPhone did in the same time frame after its release.”

“We love Apple products but we are launching Glide Engage on Android, Blackberry, the Palm Pre, Symbian and Windows Mobile first. Our Glide Engage iPhone application is nearly complete and we will submit it to Apple for approval in the near future. In the meantime, we will continue to deliver comprehensive mobile services for the iPhone through the Safari web browser available at,” said Mr. Leka.

Glide has supported the iPhone from virtually the day it launched. The iPhone went on sale in the United States on Friday, June 29, 2007 and Glide launched support for the iPhone on Monday, July 2, 2007 with advanced capabilities including the ability to create Microsoft Word and PDF Documents on your iPhone, edit photos, automated file compatibility with users of other platforms and much more and followed shortly thereafter with Windows Media audio and video support for the iPhone, PowerPoint (PPT) support and mobile web publishing capabilities. Glide continues to provide iPhone users with advanced file sharing and collaboration compatibility with Android, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile users.

Glide Support for the iPhone:

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