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New Media Technology News Launches World’s First 7 X 24 Live Streaming Contemporary Art Channel, the premier online social network for the contemporary art world, has announced the launch of, a site providing live, 24-hour per day streaming contemporary art and music.

Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the founder of MYARTSPACE and CEO noted “With our incredibly rich collection of contemporary art from our 60,000 artists we represent, we have a unique ability to launch rich and interesting new art services to the viewing public. allows people to enjoy very high-quality, curated contemporary art in their web browser 24 hours per day. The diversity of work is also unique, with artists from over 116 countries being represented in our community.”

The live streaming fine art service is combined with a music playlist constructed on The service is interactive. Clicking on the art as it streams by allows art appreciators to learn more about the artist and purchase work from them.

Brian Skiba, Chief Technology Officer at CatMacArt Corporation, the producers of the MYARTSPACE site notes “This is a first step in an interesting new direction for contemporary art, and the way in which an audience can interact. Ultimately we see specialty fine art channels being rolled out – for photography, sculpture, mixed media, painting. We also see a variety of platforms and devices from which we can leverage including high-definition television, the iPhone, and other internet-connected devices. And finally, we’ll work towards availing dedicated channels for museums and galleries to offer a means of attracting a broader, younger audience to the contemporary art world.”.

The stream art service is available free at

About MYARTSPACE:, the premier online venue for contemporary art, is one of the fastest growing and diverse communities on the internet. Its members include more than 60,000 artists, collectors, galleries and other art world professionals from across the globe, and it currently has on display hundreds of thousands of pieces of fine art. Membership is free and artist can upload their creative work including images, music and video. Myartspace is created and run by CatMacArt Corporation. CatMacArt Corporation is located in Palo Alto, California.

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