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Website Optimization Announces Web Page Analyzer Tool

Website Optimization, LLC (WSO), a leading website optimization and speed optimization provider, is happy to announce a major upgrade to our popular Web Page Analyzer tool. The new Analyzer features faster performance, HTML and CSSTidy integration, and updated HCI guidelines.

“Due to the increased load on the Web Page Analyzer and our website we have upgraded our main server to a more powerful model,” stated Andy King, President of Website Optimization, LLC. “The new server has dual high-speed Xeon processors, faster solid-state hard drives, and twice the available bandwidth. The Analyzer tool has been moved to its own dedicated server to handle the load independently of the main WSO server. These changes, plus the addition of CAPTCHA and usage throttling, allow us to continue to offer the analyzer free of charge, and scale for more users. We’ve thrown in some other tweaks, including making the CAPTCHA “this-is-a-human” test faster. We hope you find the new server more responsive, we’re already noticing the difference in response times.”

The Web Page Analyzer Tool will scan, analyze, and calculate page size, composition, and download time of any web page. With the push of a button, the WSO Web Page Analyzer Tool is sent out to view your web page, and all of the objects within the page. Then the tool analyzes the entire page and its components for size and download speed at different bandwidths. Once the check is complete, a full report is produced for you in HTML format with a summary on how the page performed.. Users also receive page and object information including::

Page size and composition
Formatted XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS files
Recommendations based on the latest HCI research and average web page size

The Web Page Analyzer tool incorporates best practices from the popular book titled “Webiste Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Search Engine Secrets” by Andy King into its recommendations. For the Web Page analyzer Tool, see: