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Mitsubishi Announce Matte RDT233WX-Z 23 inch Diamondcrysta Monitor

Press Release – Mitsubishi have announced the RDT233WX-Z 23-inch Diamondcrysta monitor featuring a pair of HDMI ports, DVI-D, mini D-Sub, and the Japanese D5 jack. And a matte coating.

The new product is compatible with full HD ? 1 with 120Hz LCD panel driving schemes IPS, velocity interpolation “clear picture speed,” a condensed and super-resolution technology and high-definition technology, “Giga clear engine ?” by built-in , smooth fast moving images to display vivid images and crisp with a natural sense of resolution.

? 1 Full HD: 1920 × 1080 pixels display

Wide LCD 23 “Diamondcrysta WIDE” RDT233WX new-Z (BK)

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New Features
1. The velocity interpolation scheme and the LCD panel IPS, displayed on the smooth fast-motion
· The IPS mode LCD panel driving 120Hz, can display images in vivid colors when viewed from an angle
· “Clear picture speed” of 60 frames per second image interpolation to be displayed at 120 frames per second smooth
2. Super-resolution technology “Giga clear engine ?” on-board display in a natural sense of resolution high definition video
· “Giga Clear engine ?” The displays high quality images and crisp with a natural sense of resolution
· Automatically detects the locations prone to flicker, flicker can prevent the super-resolution processing
· “Giga Clear Window” by super-resolution techniques can be applied only to specified areas
3. PinP function of parent-child screens, comfortable two-enabled digital screen
· ? 2 PinP function compatible with digital display 2 can be viewed on a PC screen images and video footage parents
· In the application of resolution enhancement techniques to screen the child can watch the video and crisp even in computer work
? 2 PinP: Picture in Picture. And HDMI2 HDMI1, pin mini D-Show and D5 PinP combines non-SUB15 pin

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