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CIA Introduces Social Media Enhancements to Redesigned Website

The Central Intelligence Agency launched several enhancements to to improve its functionality and refresh the site’s design. Among the updated features, visitors will find new ways to connect to a broad array of Agency content, including through social media sites.

“The idea behind these improvements is to make more information about the Agency available to more people, more easily,” Director Panetta said. “The CIA wants the American people and the world to understand its mission and its vital role in keeping our country safe.”

The homepage now includes links to a CIA YouTube channel and Flickr site. The CIA YouTube channel features current and historical videos about the Agency, including speeches by Director Leon E. Panetta and a CIA Overview video. The CIA Flickr site links to copyright-free pictures from for easy access. Both features, which are used by many Americans, will enable the Agency to more easily share information on its mission and history. They can be found under “Quick Links” on the homepage.

The improved homepage also includes a new “CIA Interactive” section that highlights some of our most popular, fun, and educational interactive content. Visitors who regularly use this content will find it much more accessible. In addition, the CIA added new photos on the homepage, broadening the public’s glimpse into the Agency.

More enhancements are planned in the next few months, including content that is mobile-friendly and in foreign languages. These features also will improve the Agency’s ability to reach new audiences. Because more than half of Internet users browse with mobile devices, is developing a truncated, text-based version of the full site. Offering content in foreign languages underscores the global nature of the CIA’s mission and highlights Director Panetta’s emphasis on language excellence at the Agency.

The changes to aim to improve visitors’ experience with the site, increase connections to those using popular Internet sites and tools, and share even more information on employment opportunities with the CIA.

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