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Plagiarisma.Net Launches Google Books Plagiarism Checker

The owner of Plagiarisma.Net noticed that most students could copy and paste any text coming from the Google books because they are not included in most of plagiarism tools available in the internet. This theft and copyright violation has been rampant because most software is not able to detect the copied text. “Well, it is high time that we push on adding more script to existing plagiarism checker tools and help students and other writers polish their talents by writing their articles and their thesis in their own words and understanding. We need to raise awareness about intellectual property to maintain integrity and credibility of the scholars. This would also encourage other people to be original in writing thesis and content.”

Plagiarisma.Net has gained its customers’ trusts for years now since it has been proven that its plagiarism checker work with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Scholar and check url, plain text, html, rtf, doc, odt, docx and pdf files. It also includes synonymizer and similarity checker for premium members with promisingly fast services and no annoying ads. The new tool is added with a big intention to help in preventing plagiarism activities done by book plagiarists. Plagiarisma.Net is a company that tries to keep the balance between accurate scanning software and monthly cost.

Years ago, many people tried to copy and paste content from books because it is so easy and most plagiarism software cannot detect it. Plagiarisma.Net is actually a good plagiarism checker tool to check for any similar phrases or sentences in two or more books. With more than thousands of millions of printed pages in databases, it is possible that the sentence’s duplication can be scaled down drastically. The plagiarism activities can be detected easily with a little effort being carried out to crosscheck for any similarity and duplication of all the published works by using a perfect plagiarism screening tool. People can make choices since there are many good plagiarism detection tools available, regardless whether it is online or offline. Some plagiarism detection tools requires a start up payment fee before the tool can be used but some can be used for free. Plagiarisma.Net is one of the best plagiarism checkers that offers sufficient services required for plagiarism checking purposes and it is free!


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