New Social Media Book Features Cincinnati-native Cole Imperi

Tweets! Followers! Pokes! It seems that mastering social media is about 90% vocabulary-related, or is it?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media, but were afraid to ask is designed to help people understand the new world of social media and learn about its uses for personal, professional and business development.

The book, authored by Hilary JM Topper, MPA, was published in July 2009 and is available at and Barnes & Noble.

“I’m so pleased Hilary wrote this book,” said Cole Imperi, Creative Director at Doth Brands and Managing Partner at Imperi Partners—two Cincinnati-based firms, “With social media, there seems to be many more questions than answers, and this book does a great job of de-mystifying social media.”

This book, written specifically for beginners, analyzes nearly 20 different social media sites.

“It goes in depth into how each site can be used for business gain,” said Topper, “Although the book is for the professional, it can still be utilized by every day people. I wanted to make sure it was readable and understandable even for parents looking to better communicate with their children.”

Imperi opens the chapter on Tumblr, a popular and simple blogging platform.

“I use Tumblr for personal and business purposes; it’s a great platform,” said Imperi, ”I am honored to have contributed to this book—it’s something we’ll hand out to clients that feel completely overwhelmed by social media.”

Imperi has been featured in three social media books, is a contributing author on a book scheduled for release next autumn and has been featured as a social media expert source on Imperi is an experienced advertising, marketing and graphic design professional working with public, private and non-profit clients. Imperi is also a social media speaker specializing in baby-boomers and social media for business use.

Doth Brands is a blend between an advertising agency, graphic design studio, web design and development firm and PR company based in Cincinnati, OH.

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Doth Brands is a blend between an advertising agency, graphic design studio, web design and development firm and PR company.

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