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New Media Technology News

First Auto-Translated Social Network in Ten Languages is the first auto-translated web community in history. Created by a group of people dedicated to Human Rights, who believe in cultural exchange and communication. is property of The Two Hundred Network LLC a company from Delaware USA, with representations in Argentina, Spain and China.
Members can Chat, send and receive messages in there own language and instantly translated into ten languages.

The primary languages are: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hindi and French.
According to Mr. Santiago Craig, LatAm Communication Manager, Arabic and Hebrew will be added in two months.

Developed by a “Google Business Partner”, translate all contents instantly, and members can see their own profile written in other languages.

The “Create a Group” tool, gives the opportunity to upload pictures, video and information that will be read in Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, German, and so on!

The objective is to give a platform where professionals can exchange information like “Technical Research Group” focused on searching a solution to a health disease…there is a whole world of possibilities. Worldwide specialists in Ecology, all kind of Human Rights, Technology, Humanitarian Services, Find multicultural friends, etc.

This video shows the spirit of the Community:

The community also has an innovative tool: Classified Ads, auto-translated into ten languages; this is the only paid service.

The service combines the best of web communities, translation services, CHAT, international directories, and classified ads that will be read in ten languages instantly.

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