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Gleedo Live Social Networking Application Released to the Public

Gleedo™, the first ever livesharing application, debuted to the public today as part of an open alpha program. Gleedo layers live social networking over one’s favorite media, allowing users to share Internet videos, web sites and personal media with friends and family, in real time, in a private online media room. Gleedo is free and available for download at

“When you find or create something interesting or fun, your first instinct is to share it. With Gleedo, sharing takes place in real time, offering users a real, rich, live connection with friends and family members. That’s why we call it livesharing,” said Tara Flynn Condon, VP of Marketing for Emerj, Inc., maker of Gleedo.

Key Features

Liveshare™ Online Videos: Share content from popular video sites (including YouTube, Hulu, and others) with friends and family in a private online media room, in real time. Comment on the action as it happens using built-in chat and talk features.

Liveshare™ Personal Content: Stream personal music and pictures to friends and family across the world, direct from your desktop. Narrate a slide show for Grandma or stream songs to your best friend.

Livebrowse™ Web Sites: Share favorite web sites with friends and family. Collaborate online together for school, work or fun.

Live Interaction: Chat and talk features invite interaction with friends and family while you share your favorite media.

Advanced Security Privacy Features: Your media room is accessible by invitation-only. End-to-end encryption ensures conversations and comments remain private. Additionally, media is shared in a “stream only” format, so you remain in control of your content.

“We want users to get an early taste of liveshare™, a prominent feature of what’s becoming known as ‘real-time’ Internet,” said Mehrdad Nadooshan, CEO of Emerj, Inc. Gleedo provides an alternative to email, blogs or posted links, offering users an immediate, personal connection. “Gleedo lets people share something live, in the moment with those that matter to them. We feel strongly that liveshare will change the way people interact online,” added Nadooshan.

Gleedo will launch this fall. The open alpha program offers a way for users to preview Gleedo, as well as offer feedback to the development team. “We are thrilled to share Gleedo with the world. This pre-launch period allows us to gather feedback and interact with our growing user community, ultimately allowing us to provide our users the best possible live social networking experience,” added Nadooshan. To download Gleedo, visit

About Emerj, Inc.
Emerj, Inc. is the maker of Gleedo™, the first ever livesharing application. Gleedo layers live social networking over online and personal media, allowing users to watch – together, live – with friends and family over the Internet. Private equity-funded Emerj, Inc. is headquartered in New Jersey. For more information, visit or call +1 800.541.2027.

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