and Jump Start Social Media Partner to Understand Value of Resources to Small Business / Nonprofit Leaders

Jump Start Social MediaSM (helps organizations accelerate their adoption and use of social media) teams with (online education and peer support) to spread the word about a survey to better understand the value and application of small business and nonprofit leaders’ resources (e.g. business association membership, enrolling in classes online or in person, networking, seek advice/guidance from professionals or peers, etc.).

Surveys are an excellent tool to gain insight into a market, but can be time consuming to complete. Knowing how time starved entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders – are, the survey was designed to be only nine questions – taking no more than three to five minutes to complete. The answers to the survey will help small business and nonprofit leaders prioritize their time to be the most successful. Questions cover:

What kinds of resources are used regularly?
How much are those resources used?
How strong an influence do these resources have on an enterprise leader?
What is the impact to their organizations?

“For more than 30 years, I’ve conducted surveys for organization such as The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, MasterCard, Mathew Bender, and the New York City Chapter of NAWBO,” says Geri Stengel, President of Ventureneer. “Recently I’ve become an avid user of social media, especially Twitter, and see it as a fast, inexpensive and effective way to get a read of the market.”
“We’re energized to be joining with Ventureneer to help entrepreneurs and nonprofits take stock of the resources that are of the highest value to them individually and, via the survey results, share that information to help streamline for them how they gather information and act on it,” says Veronica Fielding, President of Digital Brand Expressions, parent company of Jump Start Social Media.

Forwarding the survey to small businesses and nonprofit leaders will help it to spread virally and increase the number of people who complete the survey. “The more responses to the survey the more finely results can be segmented and more insights revealed,” adds Geri Stengel.

A summary of the results will be shared on Vistas, Ventureneer’s blog by late August 2009, which you can visit at Or you can request the full report, by simply submitting your email address at

Geri Stengel is currently an adjunct professor at The New School. She has served as a mentor for social enterprises entered in business plan competitions at Columbia Business School and New York University (NYU), Stern School of Business, and has served as a nonprofit board member. She honed her online experience at companies such as Dow Jones and Physicians’ Online. She co-founded Women’s Leadership Exchange, an online and conference resource for women-led businesses, and founded consulting practice Stengel Solutions.

Ventureneer provides a new approach to learning that blends traditional formal instruction with informal learning derived from peers using Web 2.0 technology to capture and share this knowledge. Ventureneer’s customized Web 2.0 learning environment: blogs, virtual classes, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, web events and articles, provide the necessary support to make faster, better organizational decisions.

Digital Brand Expressions, the parent company of Jump Start Social MediaSM, specializes in helping brands of all sizes to be found on the Web through customized solutions that typically include search engine optimization, paid search, and social media marketing for F1000 and middle market companies and provides social media educational tools for individuals, HR professionals/hiring managers, and small businesses.

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