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New Social Network Vyoom Offers Users Advanced, Real-Time Capabilities, Online/Offline Integration

Today marks the launch of Vyoom, a new social network for people who want access to advanced social capabilities and true real-time data streaming in both a public and a private network all in one easy-to-use platform. With the added incentive of earning points for everyday social activity that can be redeemed in its online Reward Store and other first-to-market features that cannot be found elsewhere online, Vyoom is the ideal site for the next generation of social network enthusiasts.

Vyoom delivers real-time social communication between users and their friends, family, co-workers and the rest of the Internet. Because Vyoom is both an open and a closed network, users can voice their opinions on trends, news and issues and follow others’ activities and interests via the public data stream and, at the same time, engage in more personal, direct communication with their friends and family in the private stream. With its advanced labeling and filtering systems, Vyoom users can organize their social content and pull in only the updates they want to see, across both the public and private networks, at any given time, creating a truly personalized, intuitive social networking experience.

Vyoom awards points for social activity and through its friend referral program, offering an extra incentive for its members to interact with the site and grow their personal network. The Vyoom Reward store has over 300 items to choose from, including HD and plasma TVs, digital cameras and camcorders, iPods and iPhones, game systems, computers, GPS devices and more to be redeemed with points.

Other advanced features include:

— The RPilot – A tabbed, in-system browser that can be opened on any
page within Vyoom, allowing users to perform multiple social activities at
once and offering uninterrupted access to real-time data streaming.
— Multi-Friend Messaging – Via the RPilot, Vyoom users can open multiple
friend profiles and post to their boards simultaneously, eliminating the
need to navigate between friends’ pages.
— Hotspot Locator and Reviews – Vyoom users can create mini-listings for
their favorite restaurants, bars, salons, attractions, events and more, and
share their reviews with those in their private network. Via a Google map
view, they can also find other hotspots in their area that have been
identified by their friends.
— Friend Locator – Users can share their current location and/or their
plans for later on Vyoom on a permission-only basis via their computer or
their cell phone, allowing those in their private network to find them on a
Google map and meet up.
— Social Search – Vyoom offers real-time social search capabilities,
allowing users to search by timestamp or keyword across the entire Vyoom
membership network (public stream) or just their friends (private stream).

To learn more about Vyoom and create an account, visit:

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