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Gleedo Livesharing Web Site Launches Today

Gleedo™, the first ever comprehensive livesharing application, today announced the launch of its new web site at

Gleedo is free software that layers live social networking capabilities over users’ favorite Internet sites, online videos and personal media. For example, Gleedo may be used in conjunction with popular Internet sites, such as YouTube and Hulu, to deliver a real-time Internet experience. Gleedo is currently available as part of an “Open Alpha” program, announced last month, and may be downloaded here:

“Team Gleedo looks for every opportunity to make the Liveshare™ experience richer and more enjoyable. The journey begins at our website and continues through the use of our product. The next series of powerful Gleedo features and services are planned to accelerate adoption rate and transform the way users interact and socialize over the Internet,” said Mehrdad Nadooshan, CEO of Emerj Inc. (maker of Gleedo).

The new web site is designed to offer visitors an engaging, interactive experience, as well as provide a host of new resources for Gleedo users, including video tutorials and access to online communities.

“Gleedo offers a new way to dynamically connect with people in your life about the things that matter to you. The new web offers a simple and fun introduction to Gleedo and the liveshare experience,” said Tara Flynn Condon, Vice President of Marketing for Emerj, Inc.

About Emerj, Inc.
Emerj, Inc. is the maker of Gleedo™, the first ever livesharing application. Gleedo layers live social networking over online and personal media, allowing users to watch – together, live – with friends and family over the Internet. Private equity-funded Emerj, Inc. is headquartered in New Jersey. For more information, visit or call +1 800.541.2027.

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