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LOO-LEE Building GeoChat Functionality into Social Networking Capabilities

Loo-Lee, the cell phone directory created and maintained by and for individual consumers, is adding new features that will expand mobile marketing capabilities and visibility. They are developing a geochat feature which will allow businesses to target their advertising efforts toward the consumers most likely to respond to those advertisements.

The growth of the mobile marketing venue has created an environment in which businesses need to stay abreast of the latest options for reaching users of mobile devices in order to effectively communicate their message and make the most of their advertising dollars. Loo-Lee is ready to assist businesses by making it possible for them to network with consumers through the Loo-Lee mobile phone directory. Consumers will be able to opt in to receive advertising messages and businesses will be able to send text messages to mobile devices. Location based services will allow advertisers to target an audience with information specific to a particular area.

The Loo-Lee website allows cell phone users to post their mobile device numbers to the directory and to monitor viewing capabilities. Options include viewing by anyone or by a list of approved contacts only. Businesses can create postings as well and can make use of the group feature to create and maintain a network of contacts. Business information, scheduling, contact information, and promotional material can all be posted and monitored through the Loo-Lee website.

Mobile marketing is the advertising venue of the future and by making use of Loo-Lee’s comprehensive cell phone directory and networking features, businesses can ensure that they are on the cutting technological edge of the advertising industry. Loo-Lee is the best way for businesses to reach mobile phone users with Short Message Service, Multimedia Message Service, and other mobile marketing options.

Registered users of the Loo-Lee directory will be able to view business information quickly and easily while maintaining control over the privacy of their mobile phone information. Registration is free, but upgrades are available for purchase that will allow access to various portions of the website that are not available for public viewing.

Loo-Lee’s blog provides users with the latest information regarding mobile marketing capabilities, technological advancements, and industry news. Users with questions about the website can contact them at:

Loo-Lee, Inc
1124 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 309-3008
[email protected]

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