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New Media Technology News

ADTELLIGENCE Introduces a New Search Engine for Facebook.

The social media advertising technology provider ADTELLIGENCE GmbH has developed a search engine for Facebook posts. At facebook., any Internet user can search for and read comments that are publically posted on Facebook, without payment or registration.

With more than 400 million active users, Facebook is one of the most prominent social networks in the world. The average Facebook user spends 40 minutes per day on the site – that’s a record. Interaction with friends and public comments about products, brands, political events, or sports are sources of information, which is an important pillar of social media monitoring. Current issues such as the World Cup in South Africa, the BP Oil Spill, recent elections, or comments about league events, holiday experiences, music and new fashion trends are discussed on Facebook and posted publically.

From now on, any internet user can search this public stream of information on Facebook using the Facebook Search from ADTELLIGENCE. For those who are interested in innovative applications, news, or even rumors, the ADTELLIGENCE search engine makes it possible to quickly and easily access the desired information.

For companies and brands it is increasingly important to know the opinions and desires of their customers, in order to offer their products at the right time and adapt to new trends. Knowing how products are talked about and finding out the popularity of products versus those of competitors can help companies and brands to better understand their position in the market. Companies now have the opportunity to see and analyze the public feeds on Facebook, with the security of knowing that ADTELLIGENCE, as a German company, fulfills all standards of the European data protection and only uses the publically released statements of Facebook users.

How the Facebook-world is participating in World Cup Finale fever and information such as which music video was posted the most, where to take the best vacation, or what Facebook users think about a new advertising campaign, can now be easily and quickly obtained.

The search function is available today at

An RSS feed and widget for Facebook Search from ADTELLIGENCE are coming soon and can easily be integrated into your website. Beta testers are still needed for these (Registration is possible at the above link).


ADTELLIGENCE is a high-tech company from the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar region in Germany. The company was founded in Mannheim (2009) with the help of venture capitalists. The ADTELLIGENCE team consists of experts who have built up their know-how of SAP, Google and IBM. ADTELLIGENCE helps companies improve their business model and increase their competiveness with traditional media.

The innovative technology platform from ADTELLIGENCE enables social media offerings and Web 2.0 platforms like social networks, online games and mobile applications to monetize more effectively. ADTELLIGENCE combines campaign management, next-generation targeting, payment, and marketing research & analysis in a Software as a Service solution that is hosted on the Internet.

This innovation allows ADTELLIGENCE to tailor brand advertising to exactly the right audience for the product. When people get exactly the product they need at the right moment, they are not so annoyed by ads, and the ads become effective. ADTELLIGENCE creates for website operators the long-awaited opportunity to better monetize and profit from their Web and mobile offers.

ADTELLIGENCE was founded by Dipl. economist Michael Altendorf, and Dr. Cyrille Waguet.

For more information about ADTELLIGENCE visit

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