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New Media Technology News

Facebook to Offer Classified Ads

U.K.-based software development company Fuzzle Media has released its latest application for Facebook, the social networking site that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MFST) recently bought a 1.6 percent stake in for $240 million.

Workboard will offer Facebook users free classified ads to promote anything from upcoming weddings to job vacancies. The application can be installed for free on a user’s profile. Other users, particularly contractors, freelancers, recruiters, and jobseekers, can use Workboard to apply for or bid on advertised work directly from their Facebook profile. Features of the service include the Qualification Profile to help users advertise their skills or company. Users can also receive applications and bids for Service Classifieds from potential suppliers across the Facebook network.

Fuzzle Media has plans to add premium business services to integrate the WorkBoard application directly into marketing and customer relationship functions.

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