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New Media Technology News

JTLB Media Offers Cellular Component to Publications and Ad Agencies for Print and Classified Ads

JTLB Media, a New York-based technology company offering cellular marketing solutions, is now offering cellular advertising solutions to publications and advertising agencies.

Because print revenue is down 10-30% across the board and has been dropping steadily since 2002, agencies and publications can increase revenue exponentially and increase their bottom line by having the ability to offer the addition of a cellular component to print and classified ads to their clients. Agencies can now reach up to 200 million wireless subscribers — potential customers — anywhere they are and offer their advertisers the ability to give out significantly more information through text message and wireless technology.

Through JTLB Media’s wireless and cellular capabilities, a publication’s readers can now get much more information and see up to five photos on their cell phone as they read the publication.

“This is a new way to get leads that were never available before,” states Dean Steinman, president, JTLB Media. “It’s the latest way for publications and agencies to brand themselves and obtain definite trackable results.”

If a consumer is looking at a classified ad and sees a house for sale, they can now see photos, floor plans and most of the important information right on their cell phone by using a special text code that they see in that ad. This technology in conjunction with print can change the way information is obtained by the consumer.

In addition, JTLB Media’s Cellular Technology can be used for autos, motorcycles, restaurants, contractors, vacation destinations, goods for sale and more.

There are no out-of-pocket or up front costs to publications and the cellular component is priced as low as $3.00 per ad.

“It’s a win-win situation for publications (who can offer this to about 80% of their advertisers) and advertisers; they can now offer their customers additional exposure, new branding, positioning with a technology flair, and the ability to get their name, product or service out to prospects/customers to them wherever they are. Plus publications will be branded on each text message/cellular link as to significantly increase their exposure,” continues Steinman.

JTLB media is presently seeking strategic technology partnerships with media companies throughout the United States.

About JTLB Media

JTLB Media is a leading company that offers cellular marketing solutions. It allows publications, industries and companies to provide clients with information via text messages and cellular marketing, including price, size, pictures, etc. For more information go to:

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