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New Media Technology News

Connect with Tours4Fun in Social Media

Los Angeles-based travel tour provider Tours4Fun has capitalized on social media by setting up shop across the spectrum of social networks from Twitter to Facebook to Myspace and Youtube. Social media has taken communication and the sharing of information over the Internet to another level. Recognizing the effective leverage that social media provides to connect with people all over the world, Tours4Fun has established itself on all the prominent networks, providing answers to all customer inquiries.

Twitter and Facebook have taken social networking by storm and Tours4Fun has been active on both sites for quite some time now. By publishing posts related to travel news, destinations and tips on planning your vacation, Tours4Fun has gained an impressive following on Twitter. In addition, Tours4Fun uses MySpace as a platform to interact with travel enthusiasts all over the world. “We realize that in the digital age, having multiple channels of communication is in the best interest of our customers and company” said Kevin Du, Co-Founder of Tours4Fun, Webeez, Inc.

Tours4Fun has also acknowledged the rising popularity of social bookmarking sites, by gaining visibility on Delicious and Newsvine. These sites exercise a non-hierarchical keyword categorization system in which users can tag each of their bookmarks with a number of freely chosen keywords thereby increasing search engine visibility. Tours4Fun utilizes these time-saving and easy to use methods of sharing their exciting travel related news by bookmarking on these sites.

To further spread the word across the expanses of the World Wide Web, Tours4Fun also employs the real time feed aggregator FriendFeed to consolidate all the posts from their social sites and blog. An interactive blog that is rich with travel information, where readers can participate and leave comments regarding some of their helpful “Find Things to Do” or even ask questions about special travel deals. Tours4Fun invites all inquiries and or suggestions, which is why they can be found on all the major fronts of social media.

About Tours4Fun
Tours4Fun, founded in 2006, is a thriving online travel supplier, dedicated to providing the finest online purchasing experience for all your travel needs. Tours4Fun strives to be the ultimate online travel superstore with the widest selection and best prices.

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