PeoplePond Enables Bloggers to Assert Ownership Over Their Online Identity

PeoplePond, a leading online service providing increased personal brand visibility, easy reputation management and advanced identity verification services within a single platform, announced today that bloggers can prove they are who they say they are and claim ownership of their blogs.

PeoplePond is able to confirm blog ownership for bloggers who use blogging platforms that support OpenID or Oauth. Notable examples include Blogger, LiveJournal, Drupal, and WordPress. Ownership will be confirmed and viewable on the blogger’s PeoplePond profile.
“This is part of our continued effort to enable those using PeoplePond to verify ownership of their online identities wherever they may be, including blogs,” said PeoplePond CTO, Al Castle. “Our purpose is to help promote and protect our users’ online identity. Look for more leadership in this area from the PeoplePond team very soon.”

Additionally, the PeoplePond Identity Verification service confirms to profile visitors that the profile owner has proven they are who they say they are. This takes the teeth out of online identity thieves by providing a bona fide point of reference for online identity. Combining personal identity verification with service authentication provides visitors of PeoplePond profiles a means to know exactly who they are engaging online.

PeoplePond profiles enable personal brands to achieve greater visibility in online search results by training search engines to provide higher ranking to their online identity. Each PeoplePond profile is designed to provide the owner full control to implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that consolidates, verifies and boosts visibility for their entire online identity.

PeoplePond recently launched a sister site, CompanyPond, that boosts visibility of a company’s online identity by leveraging the numerous PeoplePond profiles a company has. This also trains search engines to promote online content produced by staff, evangelists, board members, etc. in their company’s search results.

About PeoplePond
PeoplePond ( and CompanyPond ( are part of the Cranberry Venture Partners, LLC network of Web sites. Cranberry is home to an unmatched team of innovative developers led by Internet visionary David McInnis. McInnis is best known for founding the first direct-to-consumer news service, PRWeb, which changed the way the world uses press releases. For more information about PeoplePond, LLC and the Cranberry Venture Partners, LLC network of Web sites visit

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