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KIDO’Z v2.0 Revolutionizes the Social Web for Kids

This latest KIDO’Z version (v2.0) takes Kids’ Internet to the next level with its introduction of a unique social layer for kids, which boasts the first email system for young kids as well as a secure kid-friendly social networking platform.

In addition to enjoying the existing functionality of browsing safely, watching videos and playing games; kids can now create and send emails and e-cards even before they can read or write, and can safely interact with friends within a safe online environment.

Kids can express their creativity through the KIDO’Z MAIL system, which functions as a drawing board complete with animated backgrounds and stickers.

Each child is given his/her own virtual room, which, in true KIDO’Z style, can be customized according to his/her personal taste. Here, kids can interact with their KIDO’Z FRIENDS, who are pre-approved by parents, and can express themselves and their individuality. Kids can interact by visiting their FRIENDS’ PLACES and by communicating with them through KIDO’Z MAIL.

The new version also introduces the first KIDO’Z Premium Package, KIDO’Z PLUS, which is available at a small monthly fee. KIDO’Z PLUS gives kids access to even more content, creativity and personalization capabilities; and gives parents even more security and control, with access to extra security features as well as to KIDO’Z STATISTICS, which gives parents detailed usage reports of their child’s KIDO’Z usage.

With KIDO’Z version 2.0, kids can learn, explore, play and communicate on the Internet even before they have mastered reading or writing.

KIDO’Z v2.0 is available as a free download at

KIDO’Z came out of beta testing with its first official version (v1.0) in May 2009 and has since seen remarkable growth and outstanding usage metrics. With the launch of version 2.0 it is expected that the KIDO’Z Web OS Platform will continue on its tremendous growth path.

“This upgrade is really exciting as it realizes our vision of a kids’ Web OS, providing one safe environment where kids can explore, create, learn, share and communicate even before they know how to read and write and can enjoy all the benefits that the web has to offer” – Gai Havkin, CEO KIDO’Z.

About KIDO’Z

KIDO’Z is a Web OS (Operating System) intended for children between the ages of 2-8yrs. KIDO’Z creates a personal protected Internet space with a collection of special tools that enable children, for the first time, to carry out everything that adults do on the Internet; but simply and intuitively, and without needing to know how to read or write. Parents remain in control through the password-protected Parental Control Account, where they can add content, block content, adjust account settings and more. The KIDO’Z usage metrics indicate an outstanding level of engagement and with the new version (v2) and its additional interactive tools and content, it is expected that the level of engagement as well as the user base will continue on its tremendous growth path.

KIDO’Z is available in 17 languages with content added in over 30 languages, making it a truly global solution. KIDO’Z is PC, Mac and Linux compatible and is available as a free download from

KIDO’Z is developed by KIDO’Z Ltd, a Tel-Aviv based company managed by parents and top industry professionals.

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