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I Spot a Story (ISAS), a new social news aggregator, has launched in beta. ISAS brings you the best stories from around the web and provides users with a unique place to participate in the news cycle by contributing additional angles and commentary to any story.

ISAS features the top trending and most discussed stories on the web. It differs from other social news aggregators/link-sharing sites by having human editors assess whether clips are actually funny or interesting and complement the site’s aggregation algorithm. ISAS provides users with the ability to add their take on any story, by either embedding a video, uploading an image, adding an eye-witness account or just linking to another website. This allows every side of the news to be heard and provides a 360-degree view of any story.
For example, when covering the recent anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall, ISAS combined news segments from CNN and MSNBC, user-generated YouTube clips and a humorous celebrity story from MTV, to provide readers with a distinctive range of perspectives and points of view in a single place. ( fuses the web-news experience with the personal interaction of a social networking site. Any visitor can view all the content on the site without registering, and users are encouraged to connect with other “Spotters” to enrich their web-news experience.
Though ISAS covers a wide range of topics, it focuses on viral videos, entertainment, technology, sports and off-beat stories – the news that is most discussed, and most appeals to, web junkies and internet news hounds.
There are so many news sites on the web, but getting the best stories covered from the most angles is hard to find in one place…until now.
To experience ISAS first hand, please log on to

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