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Twitter Documentary Invites Contributions

Twittamentary is to be created in the open spirit of the Web and hopes to reveal how it has affected the lives of its many users. Twitter users will be invited to contribute story ideas, rich media and videos to the film via the movie website. When the film is completed, it will be shared online with the Twitter community and the world at large under a Creative Commons license.
The first phase of submissions will culminate in a 24-hour, across the globe event online in which all Twitter users are invited to share a story that answers the question: what is the most fascinating thing that happened to you because of Twitter? They can also rate, comment and tweet about the story ideas and videos that others have contributed.
The filmmaker loves the idea of distilling insights by telling and sharing stories. It is an act that everyone regardless of race, language, religion and age can partake in. According to Siok, when interviewed by, “We are looking for great stories about how Twitter has affected the lives of real people, stories that have visual potential. This is going to be the first ‘do-it-ourselves’ movie about Twitter! We really need help to get the word of the project out to as many Twitter users as possible. So if anyone who runs a blog, news outlet or technology platform, wants to be our media partner, please send me a tweet @sioksiok.”

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