Launches Creative Social Networking Site was started as a photography hobby site offering news, product reviews, tips, tricks and how-to’s for photographers of all skill levels. We are proud to announce an expansion of the site to now include social networking and user contribution capabilities that will allow the site to expand into a unique place on the web for creative people to network, communicate and share ideas and experiences.

Unlike most sites which offer static product reviews, offers real world user reviews which other users can comment on. This gives visitors a chance to get the details as well as the real world experiences of other users with the products showcased on the site.

The social networking components are designed for a broad range of creative people and include tools for instant communication through internal services. There is also integration with other major social networking sites which provide additional networking and communication options for our users. Users can upload photos and video, create and join groups, post to walls, and network with others that have similar or complimentary skill.

The site is free and development is ongoing. We always welcome suggestions on features which will make the site a valuable tool to all people working in a creative field.

Please visit us at for more details.

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