JabberMonkey.com is Now Open for a Limited Number

JabberMonkey.com, a new Social Expression site that promotes self expression is now accepting sign-ups for its Beta Program, the final phase of testing before national launch. Interested participants can sign up at www.jabbermonkey.com to reserve a spot as a beta user. Anyone who signs up now will have first look and will be notified when the Beta Program begins in December by email.

JabberMonkey.com is a Social Expression site that allows its members to post questions about any topic, issue, current event, or news item that is of interest. JM members will be able to link videos, articles, photos, and even audio files with questions that are created by the member or uploaded from the Internet. Questions will then be available to other JabberMonkey members from anywhere in the world to vote, make comments and express their opinions. Members of JabberMonkey will be able to create a profile, network with friends, blog and communicate with friends, family and others through text chat and free video/voice calling. Also, members can create a group page, which will allow them to post questions, communicate, blog, share pictures, videos, and chat with other group members. Contests will be going on giving away valuable prizes during the beta program, stay tuned for more info as we get closer.

JabberMonkey.com is free to use and the company is looking for individuals that are avid Internet users who will play with the site and provide feedback them about what they like or dislike about JabberMonkey.

About JabberMonkey.com – JabberMonkey is a website owned by Calibrus which started development in 2008 to evolve the Social Network to a site for Social Expression, Jabbermonkey.com is the premier site for expressing and gathering public opinion on a global scale. For more information on JabberMonkey.com visit the JabberMonkey website at http://jabbermonkey.com

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