EventMingle Adds Support For Twitter To Their Social Networking Platform

EventMingle announced today it has added support for Twitter in their popular online social networking platform for the tradeshow industry. Twitter is a free social messaging utility and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read messages known as Tweets. These Tweets are text based and limited to 140 characters each making it perfect for event participants to comment about the event.

EventMingle is the first event-based social networking community to add support for Twitter. The implementation goals were:

Allow all members of the EventMingle community to monitor all of the tweets being sent about the event, without having to create a Twitter account themselves.
Allow event participants who have Twitter accounts to increase the number of people who are following them by listing their name, company name and title along with their Twitter name in a roster on EventMingle.
All event participants who use Twitter before, during and after the event can have their Tweet added to a message board on EventMingle simply by adding a special hashtag EventMingle creates and promotes on the site. EventMingle monitors the hashtag in real time and updates the message board on EventMingle.
“It’s a clean and elegant implementation by our EventMingle engineering team to support Twitter. During our beta test phase the last 3 months EventMingle participants have been getting into Twitter. They send Tweets during keynote and breakout sessions, they discuss the food and venue and more. One person sent a Tweet inviting people to meet him in the lobby of the bar for a drink and to his surprise over 100 people showed up.” Said Jim Harrer, co-creator of EventMingle.

Mr. Harrer went on to say, “Adding support for Twitter is just another example of our commitment to improve our social networking platform. Our team enjoys pushing the envelope by focusing on adding features EventMingle participants will use which is why we enjoy such a high opt-in rate time and time again.”

EventMingle Twitter support is now out of beta and available in our EventMingle Tradeshow Edition.

About EventMingle

EventMingle is the first Web-based, online social networking technology designed to cater to the tradeshow industry. EventMingle enables attendees, exhibitors and speakers to collaborate online prior, during and after the event. EventMingle improves networking among all participants while helping participants create an “action plan” prior to leaving for the event. EventMingle was launched in December 2005.

EventMingle is a wholly owned subsidiary of Specialty Match Network, a privately owned company based in Bend, Oregon. See http://www.SpecialtyMatch.com For more info about EventMingle, contact Jim Harrer, 949-607-0980. Follow EventMingle on Twitter @EventMingle.

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