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New Media Technology News Website Review Network Upgrade, the latest Web 2.0 project from young entrepreneur Matt Callegari, has today unveiled the new and improved version of its website to a select group of Beta testers ahead of its long-awaited launch at the end of August. The original version however, is still available for the general public to use.

The much-hyped social network, which allows users to rate, review discuss and exchange comments on websites and online services of all shapes and sizes has introduced a raft of new features which look set to provide users with an even broader functionality, and to make the site even more appealing to the Web 2.0 masses.
The version overhaul which will see Hiztoria ‘2.0’ come into being, includes a substantial overhaul of existing graphics, including a new identity for the Hiztoria brand, along with features Founder and CEO Matt Callegari believes will set it apart from the crowd.

“The latest version of the Hiztoria website has been a long time in the making, and I’m excited to be this close to unveiling it for the world at large. We’ve been receiving excellent feedback from our testing community, and my team and I have been working day and night to get things together ahead of our launch in late August.”

“The new features we’ve incorporated in the latest version of the website are too many in number to list. We’ve taken on board the suggestions of our early Beta testers to come up with something we think is a much more refined model, and we’re convinced our users will find our new functionality pretty cool.”

The latest version includes a whole range of new features and improvements, including a redesign of site navigation, over 1,000 website profiles to rate, review, share and discuss, a new notification system, a more streamlined and intuitive process for adding site profiles, and advanced forum features to enable members to communicate more openly about Hiztoria and the websites it covers.

Additionally, users will benefit from a range of how-to videos, scheduled to be uploaded to the Hiztoria site through September to help users make the most of the new functionality incorporated by the Hiztoria team.

The network, currently in the final phase of Beta testing, is preparing to launch its radically overhauled site concept at the end of August 2009, with a view to accepting its first advertising clients from the fall of this year.


Hiztoria ( is an online website review community, allowing users to share comments, and review and rate the web. Covering websites big and small, Hiztoria is a new concept in social networking, connecting web users from across the globe through one central repository where members can meet and interact around their favorite websites.

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