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50 million go mobile on Chinese social network

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Kaixin001, the largest and fastest-growing social networking site in China, are joining forces with a three-year partnership to develop innovative mobile applications that will help millions of users access the site wherever and whenever they want.

Launched in March 2008, Kaixin001 already has more than 50 million subscribers in China and among Chinese speakers across the world, and is attracting about 200,000 new registrations a day.

With subscribers now mainly accessing the website via their PCs, the cooperation between Ericsson and Kaixin001 will bring new applications that will allow users to manage their virtual space, interact with friends and stay updated on their online communities, all via their mobile devices – anytime, anywhere.

Future services could include real-time uploading of photos and videos from mobile phones, SMS alerts on a favorite celebrity’s activities, and location-based services, such as checking if friends are nearby.

This builds on Ericsson’s portfolio partnership agreements with social networking service providers. Under the agreement, Ericsson will not only work with Kaixin001 to develop innovative mobile applications, but will also create opportunities for Kaixin001 to cooperate with other social networking services, telecom operators and advertising agencies at home and abroad.

Cheng Binghao, President of Kaixin001, says: “We are very excited to be partnering with Ericsson to bring our users fun, innovative and easy-to-use mobile applications that will let them take the Kaixin001 experience wherever they are, whenever they want it. This partnership will open new revenue streams and allow us to take our leading social networking site to the next level.”

Mats H Olsson, President of Ericsson Greater China, says: “We are proud to be partnering with Kaixin001 to explore the unlimited business opportunities within the multimedia and internet segments. Ericsson has a superior multimedia offering in a world where telecom, internet and media industries are converging.”

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