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New Media Technology News Offers Free Resources and Marketing Tools on Their New Super Social Network makes it debut and joins the circle of popular social networks that are all the craze today. Offering entertainment industry professionals tons of free resources and tools on their one-stop shop website, that’s more of a supermarket, ups the ante on social networking. Hundreds of networks are being created everyday, and allows entrepreneurs to pursue their goals and build a new client and fan base by bringing them directly to their doorstep. And millions are signing up to these social networks that allow them to tweet, chirp, network, market, sell, promote or just interact with people around the world.

In comes – the new social network in the neighborhood that is shifting the balance of power and levels the playing field for industry professionals wanting to advance their careers without the upfront cost. Putting a new twist on social networking, they offer free customizable websites to artist, industry, venues, fans, and members. As well as the valuable resources and tools needed to jump-start their careers. Flyers, business cards, posters, tee shirts, top expert advice, contracts, radio airplay, and banner rotation are just a few of the free resources to be found after logging into the free account.

Ty Cohen, Kavit Haria and other marketing and music industry gurus all concur that these social networks are great venues to promote, distribute and sell music and products. And they all market and sell e-books, videos and strategies to emerging artists and industry professionals on how to utilize these sites as a tool to advance their musical careers. Are these musical marketing gurus’ right? Do these marketing strategies work? Can one find success on these powerful social networks? “Implicitly yes, I’ve witnessed an increase in web traffic and sales, whenever we do just a little marketing on these networks. But to make a real impact, there is an upfront cost for knowledge and advertisement. At there is no up front cost for information and resources”, states Linda Felder, Managing Partner of is a one-stop shop where artists, industry professionals and other entrepreneurs can find the tools they need to advance with no up front or out of pocket cost. The free resources are provided as part of the basic membership. Members, who sign up, find treasures like free contracts, marketing tools, banner advertisement, and get expert advice by professionals. As well as the opportunity to get their business, music, videos, and products reviewed and featured on the front page of the site or on the website’s radio and TV Station. And members can upload and sell their music, videos, photos, poetry, books or other merchandise and receive payment instantly.

Is this just another social networking clone? “Certainly not, States Ofnie, one of newest members. I get to have a professional online presence and market and sell my products. I was very pleased with all the free resources I got after signing up. is the industry’s next powerful resource for the aspiring. Now I can start my venture the right way”.

Not to stop there, will continue to provide other invaluable resources, such as music distribution to radio networks, music distribution to stores, cd duplication, seminars, contests and other opportunities. And you don’t have to leave to access other social networks. Members can authorize their tweets to read on the site’s tweet board, which further increases their network of new clients and fans.

“We receive phone calls and e-mails from artists around the world every day, wanting to know everything from business startups, contracts, promotions to marketing, distribution and business management. And we always try to steer them toward free resources that will help them in achieving their goals. But the resources are scattered and requires time to sort through. So we wanted to create a one-stop shop that is free, resourceful and educational for artists and industry professionals. And we did, and though it is still in its infancy stage, it’s growing and evolving and can only get better”, states Linda Felder. Ms. Felder is also President of Many Moods Production Company, which offers free resources to emerging artists.

“If you’re going to spend time and effort creating profiles on social networks, it may as well be one that’s a one-stop shop, that provides the tools you need to advance on the web as well as on the streets. is truly a rare gem with tons of free resources and information. And I get to tweet my stuff and make money”, states Shaquene, who is just one of the many emerging artists that are now finding those valued resources they need to succeed at So the question is – Will the creation of more social networks on the web ever stop? Not likely and not anytime soon. And the next question is – Will they get better? Absolutely.

To learn more about or to join for free, visit them today.

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