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New Social Networking Site Breaks Language Barrier

As social networking sites such as Facbeook and MySpace continue to grow in popularity, some minorities may feel left out by English sites. But ApnaCafe, a new networking site launched in April 2009, offers the worldwide Desi community the ability to connect in their own language.

ApnaCafe allows users to set up profiles and communicate with one another using regional languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu and Arabic.

The main focus of the site is to empower the online Desi community and allow members to share information in a comfortable environment, according to CEO Yasin Rahim.

“ApnaCafe was primarily started to consolidate all Desi-specific core applications and as a platform to bring friends from different networking sites together in one place, giving users many powerful features with a Desi identity,” says Rahim.

As with other networking sites, ApnaCafe’s clean design and user-friendly layout enables users to share information online the same way they do in the real world. They can connect with friends, find people with shared interests, join groups, send messages, share videos, compose blogs, write movie reviews and post photos.

In addition to the innumerable data-sharing features, ApnaCafe employs a points system that rewards users for surfing the site. As users accumulate points, they can redeem them for electronics, DVDs, music and books using the site’s shopping system.

The site also makes it simple to incorporate users’ other social networking accounts into their ApnaCafe profile. Anyone can import contact lists, address books and display their Twitter feeds and write scraps similar to Orkut on their profiles, all in their own languages. Users can also register for ApnaCafe using Facebook, which pulls all the information from their Facebook profile to establish an ApnaCafe profile quickly and easily.

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