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Mozilla Firefox 6 Gets Web Developer Features

Mozilla, a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released an update to Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux that includes new and enhanced tools to make developing for the Web faster and easier.

The new “Web Developer” menu in Firefox provides easy access to tools that help developers build and debug websites directly in the browser. Developers will enjoy the new Scratchpad tool, which makes it simple to quickly enter, execute, test and refine JavaScript snippets in Firefox without needing to work in a one-line console. The Web Console is improved with an auto-complete feature and the ability to customize the console’s location to save developers time.

With support for additional APIs in Firefox, developers can build rich and compelling Web experiences. The new Window.matchMedia API helps developers optimize their website or Web app across different devices and platforms. Prefixed WebSockets and server-sent event APIs create faster communication between Firefox and Web servers, making it easier for developers to build more responsive and interactive real-time messaging applications and HTML5 games on the Web.

Panorama users will enjoy faster start-up times because tab groups are only loaded when selected. Users will also notice the Awesome Bar (URL bar) highlights a website’s domain name and the identity block is more prominent to help quickly identify where you are on the Web.

To get the latest version of Firefox for Windows, Mac or Linux click on “check for update” under the “About Firefox” menu or look out for a prompt to update automatically in the next few days.

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