Wooxie, A New Microblogging Social Network gets a custom URL Shortener

As of today, Wooxie has released a new URL shortener http://url.wooxie.com/

Wooxie is eager to move forward in the social space and will continue to be lead by creative minds, analytics, new testing and it’s cool users. Wooxie’s custom URL shortener, photo gallery and speak to post feature are a few of the networks new custom eatures.


Wooxie is a unique Social Network that allows you to choose your categories upon sign-up & only allow posts from those categories (up to 155 characters). Wooxie allows you to add your photo, website url, your bio on your profile page, customize your backround and colors, add a photo gallery with unique titles and now short URL’s directly to your post.

Wooxie is a free service http://www.Wooxie.com/register

Web: http:/www.Wooxie.com/

Wooxie is a new Microblogging Social Network. The look & feel of Wooxie is similar to Twitter. However, Wooxie allows 155 characters in posts (unlike Twitter’s 140 characters) and offers other unique features

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