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New Media Technology News

Twitter & Facebook were down, Wooxie was benefiting!

The recent concerns with Twitter and Facebook has sparked the realization that any site can become vulnerable on the net. Although Facebook had minimal damage in comparison to Twitter, there was serious security issues with both. During this downtime, many people were sending Tweets about the new social media network Wooxie. Wooxie recently launched their new service and has been receiving great response and feedback from it’s Wooxier’s.

You can be a part of the 1st social network highlighting users in a very special way and making the best use of user generated posts – while offering blogs and websites free link backs. Everybody loves man and womans best friend… Wooxie!!!

Learn more about Wooxie and it’s Wooxier users from NBC Chicago @

Go to to join!

Wooxie is themed after everyones best friend, a dog and is the nickname of a real living family dog.

Wooxie is a new Microblogging Social Network. The look & feel of Wooxie is similar to Twitter. However, Wooxie allows 155 characters in posts (unlike Twitter’s 140 characters) and offers other unique features

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