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Global Student-academic-enterprise Social Network

College Canteen ( is a new social networking website. It is an enterprise that addresses the need for an online, real-time channel for communication between students, academics, faculty and businesses.

College Canteen will flag off a three-way partnership between students, educational institutions and enterprises. In essence, College Canteen is an idea that responds to the need to make social networking more meaningful and purposeful for its users.

By providing a platform for regular interaction between students, universities and businesses, College Canteen opens up many avenues for communication.

Universities: Member Universities will have access to an international database of students and faculty from all academic streams. Through constant interaction using the various applications on the site such as blogs, chat, classifieds, groups and forums, avenues open up for joint research and enterprise, admissions, internship, knowledge-sharing and virtual lectures.

The site will also feature member enterprises, allowing for better partnerships between academic institutions and businesses in the areas of internship, research, curriculum design and employment.

Enterprises: Any business is as good as the people it employs. Through subscription to College Canteen, businesses can access a wide database of prospective employees from various streams, be it for internships or for employment. It is also an excellent platform for building a positive business image internationally.

Businesses can also use the site for better collaboration with Universities worldwide, an area that is a global priority.

Students will be the backbone of College Canteen. As the name signifies, the site will have all the fun aspects of social networking, and the informal atmosphere of a College Canteen. However, it will also have a larger purpose – allowing students to lay down foundations for future studies or employment. College Canteen will facilitate access to an international database of educational institutions and businesses for purposes of research, admissions and employment. The partnerships will also create an atmosphere for joint projects, which by bringing together like-minded people from the three sectors will help create innovative products and services.

College Canteen is an endeavour to make social networking more meaningful, to turn students’ need to connect into a profitable opportunity for all parties involved. While the website will have all the fun inherent in social networking, it will also be a hub where great ideas can be born.

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