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Social Networking Site Connects Eco-Friendly People

The new social networking site, , is the world’s first site to bring eco-friendly people together who want to support environmental protection causes and raise awareness of the going green lifestyle. is 100% non-profit and is the only social networking site dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and action on global environmental issues both on and off-line. The idea for the site was dreamed up by devoted ‘green’ College Professor, Shawna Schenk.

The objective of the site is to incorporate a social networking platform which provides education and awareness about global environmental issues and brings people together who are passionate about promoting a green lifestyle. Similar to popular social networking sites, members have the ability to communicate back and forth to each other. By sharing photos, comments and postings, members can discuss current environmental issues, going green initiatives, and tips for living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Members can also recruit ‘roommates’, similar to Facebook’s popular ‘group’ application. has distinct ‘academic inspired’ features and a creative design. For instance, instead of creating profiles, users create and personalize their own ‘dorm rooms’ to identify themselves. Consumers can visit the ‘classroom’ for a lesson in global warming and climate change.

Becoming a member of the first green University is simple; consumers just need to ‘enroll’ online by visiting

Founder and creator Shawna Schenk started exploring global warming many years ago and began encouraging her students to follow more eco-friendly lifestyles. According to Shawna, “University of the Green is the University of the World. It’s not just for college students; it’s for anyone who wants to be a student of the earth. We need to understand what our world is going through, only then can we make it better.” will be promoting eco-friendly actions online and on ground through events and fundraisers which will bring environmental awareness to communities. Shawna adds, “Simple lifestyle changes like purchasing energy efficient light bulbs can help make a difference. I want to show people how one small change can be significant if you multiply that change by the amount of people in the world.”

To learn more about going green, visit

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