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Humanity Calls Website Unlocks Power of Social Media to Inspire Charitable Giving and Awareness of Critical Global Challenges

Humanity Calls invites nonprofits to participate in the eBay Earth Day Fundraising Tournament at The tournament’s cash pool has been seeded with $50,000 generously donated by eBay and will grow significantly during the tournament as individual donations magnify the amount available to all winning nonprofits. At the end of the tournament, the top voted nonprofits will share proportionally in the tournament cash pool.

The eBay Earth Day Tournament is open to all nonprofits focused on the environment, including issues such as climate change, conservation, recycling, renewable energy, pollution and more. The tournament will start on April 22 and end on June 22, 2010. Future Humanity Calls fundraising tournaments will be focused on global challenges such as health, education, poverty and human rights. There is no cost for nonprofits to join Humanity Calls.

“Humanity Calls unlocks the power of social media to bring together an online global community and businesses that share a commitment to making a difference,” said Ron Bouganim, Director, Humanity Calls. “We encourage all nonprofits to tap into a vast new pool of donors and advocates by participating in our tournaments.”

How the Tournament Works

Nonprofits sign up at Humanity Calls to participate in the tournament.

Once the tournament begins, nonprofits reach out to their supporters asking for their vote. Humanity Calls provides nonprofits with tools to help, including email copy, embeddable widgets, Twitter copy, etc.

Individuals, responding to nonprofits’ request for their vote, arrive at Humanity Calls and simply login to cast their first free vote. They can then earn additional votes by donating and referring friends via Twitter and Facebook.

Donating to the tournament cash pool earns individuals the most number of votes, which they can in turn “spend” on the most deserving nonprofits. As such, the total cash pool available to all nonprofit winners exponentially grows!

Even nonprofits that don’t end up in the top winners’ list will benefit directly by Humanity Calls providing incentives for direct donations to nonprofits as another important way for individuals to earn votes.

At the end of the tournament, the top voted nonprofits share in the tournament cash pool.

Supporting Humanity Calls as part of a corporate philanthropic program enables companies to engage and empower a global community that includes customers, employees and shareholders. For more information about Humanity Calls or information on becoming a corporate sponsor, visit

About Humanity Calls:

Humanity Calls is the world’s first fundraising tournament website designed to bring together nonprofits, companies, and individuals focused on addressing global challenges such as the environment, health, education, poverty and human rights. Crowd sourcing, social networking tools and game mechanics all drive fundraising momentum to increase the ultimate amount awarded to multiple nonprofits over the course of each Humanity Calls tournament. 100% of all donations collected by Humanity Calls during a tournament (less third party payment processing fees) are passed along to the intended nonprofits. Humanity Calls is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports itself through a combination of direct individual donations and corporate sponsorship fees. Humanity Calls is the collective effort of a volunteer team that spans the globe. It was brought to life by their desire to make a positive impact on the world by creating a new way to engage many in making a difference.