Social Network Wooxie uses New Speak Feature Directly in Posts

The new social network Wooxie is now making use of another great feature. You can now comment or “SPEAK” as they call it directly under a users post. You can speak on your own posts too.

Founder and CEO Jeff Knize of Wooxie®, mentions “The speak function is a way to communicate directly to a users post without having to Reply. This new function is important for a few reasons. 1) It unclutters recent posts on the home page. 2) It keeps posts around longer as user accounts grow with more fans. Thus, users don’t miss valuable posts. The feature is user friendly and opens and closes shut (unlike other networks). If users have an issue with a particular comment, they can delete it. Users will know when others are speaking on their posts too. I think it is an efficient way for communication”.

Wooxie’s speak feature is now functioning and being used under posts. The feature is for quick replies. Therefore, the chararacters per “Speak” are maxed at 75. Users can speak back and delete if needed. Speak alerts are being added to Wooxie’s sidebar.

Wooxie is accepting new members and is a free service

First there was Facebook, then Twitter, & now Wooxie. Wooxie is unique by allowing you to choose your categories upon sign-up & only allow posts from those categories (up to 155 characters). Wooxie allows you to add your photo, website url, your info. on your profile page, customize your backround and colors, add a photo gallery with a unique title, speak feature under posts and soon SEO/link backs to users blogs and websites.

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