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Over 5,000 Print Publications Use Online Tools to Sell Print Advertising via MediaBids

MediaBids, the Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, announced today that to date over 5,000 U.S. newspapers, magazines and other print publications have signed up to use their online suite of print advertising sales tools.

Press Release Body:, The Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace announced today that over 5,000 U.S. print publications have signed up to use MediaBids to sell print advertising.

MediaBids went live in 2003 to facilitate and streamline the print advertising sales process for publications and simplify the print advertising buying process for advertisers. Since then, thousands of businesses nationwide – from small sole proprietorships to publicly traded companies – have created accounts with MediaBids to utilize tools such as advertising auctions (an advertiser names their own price for a single ad or campaign, and publications submit bids) and advertising offers (advertisers simply point and click to instantly purchase an ad in participating print publications).

Publications have been enthusiastic in trying out MediaBids online suite of print ad sales tools – to date, 5,000+ US newspapers and magazines have registered to sell ad space through its print advertising marketplace. These publications are comprised of over 2,000 magazines, 2,000 newspapers, and over 1,000 newsletters, journals, trade publications, shoppers and directories. A full list of publications registered with MediaBids can be viewed by clicking here:

To view a list of live newspaper & magazine advertising opportunities as they are posted by newspapers and magazines, click here:

To find out instantly when a new print advertising deal gets posted, simply subscribe to the print advertising RSS feed here:

“ is an innovative concept in advertising. If I have last minute space and not enough time before press deadline, cuts out half of the effort to reach each possible prospect,” says Nicole Garguilo, Direct Response Ad Sales, New York Magazine

“We continually strive to help facilitate ad sales for publications, and hope to add thousands more publications to the MediaBids marketplace. Over the years, we’ve helped our registered publications sell thousands of print ads, and we will continue to develop our online and offline efforts to streamline the ad sales process even further,” says June Peterson, Director of Media Relations at MediaBids.

About, the Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, offers a patented online process that enables the buying and selling or print advertising space in U.S. newspapers and magazines. Advertisers and publications can interact through an advertiser auction, in which advertisers place print advertising dollars up for bid and publications compete, or through advertising offers in which publications place ad space up for sale and advertisers can purchase instantly. MediaBids also provides traditional print media planning and buying to all registered advertisers. To date, over 12,000 businesses have registered on to purchase advertising and over 5,000 newspapers and magazines have registered their print publications to sell ad space. Toll-Free 1-866-236-2259.
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