Professional Social Networks, Inc.(TM) Launches the First Professional Social Network for Chief Financial Officers

Professional Social Networks, Inc.(TM) today announced the launch of CFOZone(TM) (, the first and only professional social network for chief financial officers (CFOs).

CFOZone(TM) facilitates and fosters the top-level information and knowledge sharing that can be critical to a CFO’s success. It is the only web site that provides CFOs with an interactive meeting place where they can seek out and instantaneously network with their peers to exchange ideas and experiential learning, solve critical business problems, remain current on emerging trends and technologies, uncover business leads, and advance their careers.

Powered by an award-winning team of business editors, CFOZone(TM) also offers features beyond its professional social networking platform. These include expert and user-generated content, financial industry information, research and analysis, tools and benchmarks, case studies, a calendar of key online and offline gatherings for CFOs, and a Reuters news feed.

“We think there’s a real need out there for CFOZone(TM),” says Ronald Fink, CFOZone(TM) editor. “CFOs absolutely want the latest finance news – and our sort of no-holds-barred analysis of that news.” John Goff, CFOZone(TM) managing editor, adds, “But they also want to chime in on things like SEC rules, tax changes, and raising cash. And they want to be able to network with other finance managers and see what they think.” According to Matt Quinn, CFOZone(TM) senior editor, “Networking with their peers gives CFOs the kind of business intelligence they can’t get in a newspaper article or from a piece of software.”

CFOZone(TM) is also unique in that it is the only corporate finance information source that qualifies and organizes its members by peer groups. While anyone involved in the corporate finance profession can join – CFOs, senior finance executives, controllers, treasurers, accountants, financial analysts, investment managers, aspiring corporate finance professionals, members of organizations, associations and professional societies interested in advancing corporate finance – its tiered structure allows CFOs exclusivity from all other non-CFO titles. CFOs have the option of interacting, networking and engaging solely with peers of their same level, or they can choose to interact with the CFOZone(TM) corporate finance community at large.

“We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the sister site to CIOZone(TM),” states Ron Kost, VP of Sales, Professional Social Networks, Inc.(TM). “Professional networks are becoming more important to us all, and vertical ProSocial(TM) networks like CIOZone(TM) and CFOZone(TM) are becoming extremely useful tools to senior executives around the world. CFOZone(TM) represents a great opportunity for vendors in the financial community to insert themselves into the conversation and help bring to light the solutions and products they are offering the community. We will see the network of ProSocial(TM) sites grow over time, and through both professional and user-generated content on the sites, we anticipate that the exchange of information will take place at a rapid pace. This provides marketers with a unique opportunity to engage the audience of users for these sites in new and valuable ways.”

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