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Google Updates Chrome Browser Logo

Google has updated the Chrome browser logo with a non-shiny version.

The comes after an all-blue version of the new logo showed up for Chromium, the open-source foundation of Chrome, a week ago.

Google have also updated the Dev channel to 11.0.696.12 for Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms, in which the following bugs were fixed.

New York Times Chrome app crashes on the Chorme Dev Channel (Issue 75563).
Sync login dlg is truncated (Issue 72490 ).
Status bar / target URL not shown when hovering over links(Issue 75268).
Several known crashes (Issues 75171 and 75443 and 75828).
Bookmark focus is not lost when moved away from the bookmark bar (Issue 75367).
Tooltips from browser tabs are persisting for too long (Issue 75334 ).
Content settings updates don’t reflect the current Incognito session(Issue 74466).
NewTabPage is not updating when a new theme is applied (Issue 74311).
fixed download requests in chrome frame which occur in response to top level POSTs (Issue 73985 ).
Chrome locks up on form submit, constantly duplicating autofill settings to blame(Issue 74911).

Dev Channel info:

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