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Mobile Community QEEP grows even faster than online communities Facebook and Myspace

With a growth rate of more than 100% in the last 6 months, today the mobile community qeep reaches the 2,000,000 user mark. Having only been released internationally in March 2008, qeep reached its first 1 million users in less than a year and by April 2009 had already 1,500,000 users.

Qeep’s user figures are convincing, especially when looking at the growth rates experienced by the well-known internet communities like Facebook and MySpace. Nielsen recently published a study entitled „Global Faces and Network Places” in which they estimated that internet communities experience a yearly growth rate average of 5.7%. Being so, the big online players are now starting to face intense mobile competition.

At first glance, this development might be surprising. However when taking a closer look, the key advantages that mobile communities have over online communities are clear to see. The mobile phone as a communication media is just more portable than home computers; it’s always there and a great deal smaller in size, too. In comparison to the mobile adaptations of online communities, applications like qeep which were originally developed for the mobile phone, are consequently already in line with the specific needs and restrictions of mobile devices. The design, navigation menu and application structure are not adapted from an online platform, but in fact have been developed specifically for mobile phones and are therefore much easier to use and offer more user comfort.

The success of mobile communities can be seen in qeep’s impressing growth figures. 2,000,000 users, 1,000,000 of which signed up since February 2009, over 100 million private messages sent (QMS) and over 200 million page impressions every month prove the growing popularity and activity happening in mobile communities.

About qeep
Qeep is produced and distributed by BLUE LION mobile GmbH, a privately held company founded in 2006 by former executives of T-Mobile International and Nintendo. Based in Cologne, Germany, BLUE LION mobile GmbH is a pioneer in the field of interactive mobile applications. For more information about qeep and BLUE LION mobile, visit and To download qeep on your mobile please visit

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