New Social Network Wooxie Has Twitter Look and Feel with 155 Characters

Founder and CEO Jeff Knize of Wooxie®, A New Microblogging Social Network, announced a unique network that mandates users to follow by category and maxes those categories to 15.

Jeff said, “Many social networks including Twitter®, allow anyone to follow anyone and this has caused many users confusion. Even with locked updates, users are compelled to accept and follow users only to find that users are either of a different interest or post strong sales pages to them. We want to reduce this. In addition, after testing, we find that 155 characters in posts is a sweet spot for completing a users thought. Sure it’s not perfect… but it works! We are also working on Social Shortcuts which are trending abbreviations that are to be used in future posts. This will make posts more effective and when a post is done correctly, a 155 character post can actually account for 5 condensed posts”.

Wooxie plans to take social networking to the next level and believes the possibility for them to be a top 10 network is real. Users continue to applaud the website and have one common post which is… Wooxie is COOL!

Upon sign-up, Wooxie mandates users to choose specific categories and maxes those categories to 15 per user. Jeff Knize, CEO & Founder of Wooxie says: “We find that users have to stop and think about which categories pertain to them. They make better choices and know they can’t follow users unless they are in their specific category. This has proven to reduce spam and unwanted links in posts”.

Knize noted, “Facebook® & Twitter® are unique and are extraordinary successes. From the beginning, I have been saying that I want Wooxie to be a hybrid of the two giants. We have some components from each network and want to utilize the best from both worlds while adding our custom features”. Ie: Category specific user accounts, 155 characters per post, photo gallery with unique titles, etc.

Knize went on to say, “We have some marketing tricks up our sleeve that are not being used anywhere else. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge details at this time. Although some of the marketing tactics we plan to implement will generate consistent traffic, we believe the true power of our growth will come from word-of-mouth communication”.

First there was Facebook, then Twitter, & now Wooxie. Wooxie is unique by allowing you to choose your
categories upon sign-up & only allow posts from those categories (up to 155 characters). Wooxie allows you to add your photo, website url, your bio on your profile page, customize your backround and colors, add a photo gallery with a unique title and more.

Beginning today, Wooxie is accepting new members. Wooxie is a free service

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