SocialGO Builds Your Social Network Via The Concierge Plan

With users, groups and businesses alike all looking to communicate online, social networks have become more and more popular. However, not everyone wants to get involved with the set up of their network and the work that designing and configuring one may involve. With many companies outside the digital world keen to communicate, social networking provides the ultimate bridge to close the gap.

As a result, SocialGO – a social network service themselves, have launched a new plan for users. The “Concierge Service” is the latest offering from SocialGO, and is basically a hands on approach from the team at SocialGO. They will not only set up, configure and design the social network website for you, but include a priority support system.

Concierge networks include “white label” services, so that your business or personal branding can be fully represented without any advertising from SocialGO (you can however run your own advertising if you want), and it even includes member billing services, should you want to charge potential users to subscribe to your site. In addition to billings, we provide custom configuration for user access and privacy settings.

With up to 100GB of bandwidth space provided per month, the Conceirge Service should accommodate most business or personal websites with no problems. You can use your own domain to set up the site on (plan includes hosting, but you have to already own the domain), and some of the key features include forums, blogs, and live audio / video chat.

Our team will design your website on SocialGO, including your existing brand or logo if applicable. It can be done as an add-on to your existing website, or as a new site altogether. Our support team is available 7 days a week, and the offer comes with a one month free trial. Upon signing up, a member of our team contacts you within 24 hours to help you set up your social network. You can add things like third party widgets as the site builds, for which we’ll be making an ongoing list of releases for, and you can create as many custom content pages as you like.

With ongoing advice and customer support managers assigned to your account – SocialGO Concierge is ideal for those who just want to get their social network website up and running right away.

Get more details on the SocialGO Concierge offering at – including a video preview that details how the service can work for you.

More details at

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