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New Media Technology News

Social Networking Portal Launched

Kohlieber LLC announced the launch of today; A private social network that charges an annual membership fee. While there are other social networking sites, many generate revenue based on advertising and pay per click programs. According to the owner, Larry Kohlieber, “Cribyo allows users to create their own private social circles and the program allows a user to be completely private allowing access to just friends to one level or increase visibility to the entire community”. Cribyo offer members unique features like a music player, photo directory, chat, magazine, forums and message posts that will provide users content within the portal space.

According to the owner Larry Kohlieber, “A percentage of proceeds from the annual membership fee will be used to fund CribYO Scholarships that will be awarded to CribYO members based on application selection”. In addition, he has decided that a percentage of revenue will also go to a pet rescue organization. These programs will begin once the site portal signs up 2,000 paid members. Cribyo plans on covering operational and management cost first, then providing an application process for education scholarships slated to start at a minimum of $2,000 US. Larry stated “The premise of Cribyo was to provide a social networking site people can join and know that a portion of their annual fee will be used to give something back to selected applicants from the membership base and provide donations to a pet rescue organization”.

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