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New Media Technology News

Foreign Exchange Website Cites Success in Social Networking

In today’s Age of Information, a new trend is on the rise. Social Media is everywhere. What was once geared towards teens, sites such as Facebook and Twitter have captured the majority of Internet users’ attentions. Such a change in website traffic has caught the attention of how businesses advertise.

The FX Trading Network has embraced social media. On a near daily basis free and informative information is provided to their viewer base. At the conclusion of each post in our forex blog, there is an easy to use option to share their article to over a dozen social media driven websites.
“The concept is remarkable,” states the FX Trading Network’s chief analyst, Shawn Cannon. “People are gathering in virtual groups all over the Internet. What appears on our website, has the potential to reach markets we would never have been able to tap into with traditional advertising methods.”

Sites such as YouTube have now turned into search engine rivals to Google. Facebook recently announced that they have plans to enhance their existing search engine to include more than just finding friends.

“The exposure is incredible,” claims Sunny Goyal, Founder of the FX Trading Network. “Not only are we able to drive more traffic to our website, through social media, we are able to get this exposure for free. It is a tremendous saving.”

Forex Trading Network was created to give Forex traders a “one stop shop” to the necessary information to ensure success. With a complete list of forex brokers, trading systems, and signal providers, traders are given a winning edge in the market.

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