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New Media Technology News

NuVox Launches Social Media Campaign

NuVox, a leading competitive communications provider of voice, data, business applications, and security solutions for business customers throughout the Southeast and Midwest, recently launched a Social Media campaign to increase brand awareness and establish a greater presence on the web. NuVox’s overall marketing strategy combines social media tactics and traditional public relations practices to promote the NuVox(R) brand to its target customers.

The Social Media campaign will build awareness of NuVox’s products and services by using the latest social media tools. By incorporating social media into its marketing strategy, NuVox extends its overall reach making information on products and services more accessible. With a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, and the NuVox YouTube Channel, these social media networking sites act as an effective outlet for releasing information to key audiences.

“Our Marketing team is constantly exploring and developing creative ways to promote the NuVox brand to small and medium- sized businesses,” said Sid Earley, Vice President of Marketing for NuVox. “Utilizing social media tools allows us to target customers, prospects, dealers, vendor partners, referral agents, and friends. We believe this initiative will boost our presence on the web and allow us to continue building brand awareness for NuVox.”

One of NuVox’s most recent social media endeavors included launching a series of funny, yet informative videos on YouTube. The videos, featuring the “NuVox Office Genie,” are available on NuVox’s YouTube channel at

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