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Social Media and Viral Branding Agency Luthier Society, Inc.

Today, everyone knows that social media is the place to be, yet few have mastered the concept and are able to deliver the types of results that yield brand awareness in a big way.
“Record sales keep declining. DVD sales are continuing to wane. Entertainment companies keep slashing their budgets. The companies with the big budgets are big corporate clients and they are all very interested in joining forces with online tastemakers and celebrities,” explains Johnny Royal, CEO and Chairman of social media and viral branding agency, Luthier Society, Inc. “Whether you like it or not, this is the new model for both the entertainment industry and corporate branded campaigns.”
Understanding the need to deliver something exceptional, Luthier Society paired their client Michael Welch (“Twilight” Saga) with iNDELIBLE’s campaign for pharmaceutical giant, Allergen, who recently launched their Aczone product line by developing a multi-media website and online video series at, featuring the already buzzed about “Twilight” star Michael Welch. The campaign ignited a new media wildfire with features on top social media websites such as,, and The viral buzz spread across “Twilight” blogs, fan sites, music portals and online pop culture havens, resulting in millions of impressions in the company’s targeted demographic, where a pharmaceutical company would not normally live.
Luthier Society runs multi-tiered campaigns and is considered one of the most innovative social media and viral branding agencies in the world. Creative integrations such as the Luthier Society National Collegiate Social Media Program are just one element the company utilizes to stay ahead of the curve. The program runs simultaneously through every DMA in the U.S. with the top collegiate marketing, public relations and communications curriculums. A total of 300 students are given the task of building their own e-team and street team, creating their own blogs, writing press releases, taking screenshots of their work and learning how to use Luthier Society’s proprietary public relations and multi-media reporting system, ARCHIMEDES.
Developing a field strategy and excelling at online execution have been but a few aspects of Luthier Society that have turned heads. In 2010, the company will launch ARCHIMEDES 1.0 to the public. The ARCHIMEDES platform will function as the first monetary based value-measured system of analysis for internet users around the world and will relay traffic patterns and placement values similar to the NASDAQ.
Luthier Society, Inc. is a boutique social media and viral branding agency based in Los Angeles that provides all aspects of online communications and public relations to the music, film, fashion, lifestyle and technology industries. They employ a boutique specialized staff and have worked with clients ranging from Universal Records to The White House to Sony. Luthier Society, Inc. was founded by Johnny Royal in 2007.
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